Jerusalem Virtual Tour


Jerusalem Virtual Tours application (Jerusalem V-Tours) is an electronic platform developed for tourists, and narrates the history of Jerusalem form an Arab Palestinian perspective.

Electronic application that provides the Palestinian historical narrative for the historical and archeological sites located inside the Old City of Jerusalem. Our goal is to provide brief and direct information about the landmarks of the City in 5 languages.

The landmarks that will be included in the application are the historical fountains, gates, and domes of Jerusalem, in addition to the wall of the Old City and other buildings with historical significance.Each group of landmarks is preceded with an introductory paragraph with a brief about these sites.

Then particular information about each site is provided. This information includes the site's name, architectural characteristics, location, and other important information.

The information is provided in form of text, pictures, videos, and sound recordings. Our utmost goal in providing this information is providing brief information that will encourage visitors to read more about each site.

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