Al-Zawiya Al-Mawlawiyya

Al-Zawiya Al-Mawlawiyya is located in al-Saadiyya, in an ascent holding its name. A part of the Zawiya was a church in the Franks era and was later changed into a mosque in the Ayyubid era. In the year 995 Hijri / 1586-1587 AD, Prince Khadawiri Bey, the Governor of Jerusalem, issued an order to add a third floor, which consists of a hall (Sima’ Khana) and a minaret.

Al-Mawlawiyya is an order attributed to Jalal al-Din Al-Rumi, who is referred to as "Mawlana." However, the Mawlawiyya order vanished with time, and the facilities of the Zawiya, except for the mosque, were transferred to residences.