Khaasaki Sultan Takiyya (Al-‘Imara al-‘Amira)

Al-‘Imara al-‘Amira is located in Aqabat Al-Takiyya, and it represents a core part of the Islamic orphanage compound, with both its industrial and academic sections. It was established by Khassaki Sultan, the wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who was known as Khurm or Roxelana in 964 Hijri / 1557 AD. The building is large and consists of four sections: a Khan, a sultani kitchen that fed and still feeds more than 500 people every day, a big mosque and a Ribat comprising 55 rooms in addition to storages, two stoves and a water fountain. Most of these units, except for the Ribat and the mosque, remain standing and can be seen today.

Many Waqfs (religious endowments) were assigned through Al-‘Imara al-‘Amira, which covered more than 50 towns inside and outside of Palestine. The total number of employees of Al-‘Imara al-‘Amira was about 50 employees, and it is one of the most important charitable and social institutions not only in Jerusalem but in Palestine in general. In fact, in many cases, the extra wheat remaining in Al-‘Imara al-‘Amira was sent to Egypt.