Dar Al-Izz, the Khastakhana (the hospital in the late Ottoman period)

One of the funniest and most interesting pieces of information about one of the buildings in Jerusalem is an inscription mentioning that the building is known as ‘Dar Al-Izz'and that its resident is supported, cheerful, happy and glorified; which was considered by some specialists as a form of advertisement for a hostel. It seems like this inscription was reused at the entrance of a building in Al-Wad Street, in the eastern side of the northern side of Qantarat Sharaf, few meters to the south of the fifth phase of the ‘Via Dolorosa.' The building consists of nine rooms and a storage area, in addition to a garden. Today, it belongs to the Islamic endowment (Awqaf), and it is inhabited by several families. By the end of the Ottoman period, it was used as a temporal hospital.