The Citadel

One of the most prominent features of Jerusalem, the Citadel is located in the western part of the Jerusalem Wall, near Jaffa Gate to the south. The Citadel is a model of Islamic military architecture. As it stands today, the Citadel dates back to the era of Sultan Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun, who ordered its reconstruction in 710 Hijri / 1310 AD. The Citadel contains sections from the Hellenistic, Roman and early Islamic eras, as well as other sections from the late Ottoman era. The Citadel is accessed from the outer eastern gate which leads to a wooden bridge over the outer moat, then to defense fortifications, and finally over a stone bridge and an inner moat to the main inner gate. Through climbing up an internal stone staircase, visitors will reach the roof of the northeastern tower, known as the Tower of David, which is presumably dated back to Herod’s reign (1st Century B.C.).