Bab Al-Sahira (Herod’s Gate)

Herod's Gate is located in the northern part of the wall of the Old City, to the east of Damascus Gate. The word “al-Sahira” means the spacious and flat area, and was later diverged in the common Arabic language and became “Zahira”. This gate is a relatively small gate and is located inside a tower.  The Gate’s history dates back to the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (Sultan Suleiman al-Kanuni) (944 Hijri / 1537-38 AD). The Gate’s structure consists of a small entrance opening topped by a pointed arch and leads to a passage covered by a fan-shaped vault. The internal façade of the gate contains three stone circles which include geometric decorations known as Sulaiman's Ring and David’s Ring. This is an original Islamic decoration, which is one of the basics of the geometric decorations of Islamic art and has nothing to do with Israel's slogan today, as some people are trying to associate it with.