Qubbat Al-Saleh Najmuddin Ayyoub (Dome of the Veracious Najmuddin Ayyoub)

Qubbat Al-Saleh Najmuddin Ayyoub is also known as Qubbat Mousa (Dome of Mosses) in reference to one of its Sheikhs.

The Dome is located on the western side of al-Aqsa Mosque, opposite to Bab al-Silsilah and Bab al-Sakina. It was built during the year 647 Hijri / 1249 AD) by al-Malik al-Saleh Najmuddin Ayyoub, the last Sultan of the Ayyubid Dynasty. Qubbat Al-Saleh Najmuddin Ayyoub is a multiple use memorial dome. Currently, and since a period of time, it is used as a center for teaching the reading of the Holy Qur'an (Tajweed).

The Dome consists of a square chamber, with the entrance located on the northern side, above it is an octagonal drum supporting the hemispheric dome.