Qubbat Al-Nabi (Dome of the Prophet (Mohamed, peace be upon Him))

The Dome of the Prophet is located on the northwestern side of the Dome of the Rock, between the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of Al-Mi’raj. Its history is unknown, as it was constructed over many phases, the latest of which was during the Ottoman reign in 1261 Hijri / 1845 AD.

The founder is also unknown, but it was built by Froukh Baik, the governor of Nablus. The Dome was later renovated in the era of Sultan Abdulmejid Mahmoud II (Abd al-Madjeed al-Thâni).

The Dome was built to commemorate the memory of Prophet Mohamed’s prayer of two Rakaas to the right of the Dome. The Dome has open angles and consists of eight cylindrical marble columns, above which stands a shallow dome setting on a group of arches supported by the eight columns.