Qubbat Ushaq al-Nabi (Dome of the Prophet’s Lovers)

Qubbat Ushaq al-Nabi, which is also known as Iwan Sultan Mahmoud, is located on the northern side of al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard, near Sabil al-Sultan Sulaiman, and opposite to Bab al-Atm. The Dome was established in the year 1233 Hijri / 1817 AD, based on the orders of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud the Second.

The Dome is a memorial dome formed of a square-shaped structure. On its sides are four stone columns supporting four stone pointed arches, above which is a shallow dome. At the southern side of the Dome is a stone mihrab (prayer niche) with a semi-circular arch supported by two short marble columns. The columns include geometric designs.