Qubbat Al-Su’wud Mosque – Church (Dome of Ascension Mosque – Church)

This Dome is located on the western summit of the Mount of Olives which oversees the Old City, to the northeast of al-Zawya al-Assadiya. Initially, the site was a Byzantine monument built in the year 392 AD as a commemorating church by Saint Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, and was later demolished by the Persians in the year 614 AD.

The church was rebuilt by the Franks. In the year 595 Hijri / 1198 AD, the church was converted to a mosque by Salah al-Din al-Ayyoubi (Saladin), and a mihrab (prayer niche) was added to the Dome. The Dome was built to commemorate Christ’s ascension to heaven 40 days after rising from the dead. Although the site is currently a mosque which contains a mihrab (prayer niche) and is an Islamic endowment (Waqf), visits for Christian sects during religious holidays and regular days are facilitated, without any constraints.

The Dome consists of three sections: the first is the lower section "the body," the second section "the middle," which is the circular drum of the dome, and the third section is the upper section, which is the spherical dome covered with small stone tiles. The Dome is topped with a short stone crescent.