Sabil Sha’lan

Sabil Sha’lan is located in the northwestern section of the al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard, to the east of Bab al-Nazer, at the end of an open, tiled yard that leads to the roof of the Dome of the Rock, right before going up the stairway of the northwestern colonnade.

The Sabil was established by Al-Malik al-Matham Issa (615-624 Hijri / 1218-1227 AD), and was later renovated in the era of Sultan Barsbay and the Minister Bayram Pasha, by Mohamed Pasha; Jerusalem’s Governor in the Ottoman era. Therefore, the Sabil has various names, but the most prominent name is the name of the person who was hired to serve the Sabil “al-Musabalati”; Shaikh Sha’lan.

The Sabil consists of a small room with a bead for a water tank in the middle of the room. In front of the room, from the west, is a large water tank covered with a marble plate. The Sabil has a magnificent dome which is similar to an umbrella. Currently, the Sabil is not functioning.