Sabil Qaytbay

Sabil Qaytbay is Jerusalem’s most famous Sabil and, by far, its most spectacular. It is located in al-Aqsa area, between al-Mat-hara and the Western Colonnade, 15 meters away from al-Ashrafiyya School. The Sabil was built by Sultan al-Ashraf abu al-Nasr Qaytbay (872-901 Hijri / 1468-1496 AD). The Sabil has a square shaped room with an opening of a cistern in its center. The structure stone courses were built with alternating different colored stones (known as al-ablaq).

The Sabil consists of three sections: the first is the body of the Sabil which contains the drinking room. This section has three large and high windows in each direction, in addition to a door in the fourth, eastern side.

The second section is the drum of the dome, which contains four windows. The third section is the dome, which is one of the most beautiful high stone domes in Jerusalem. The dome is covered with outstanding Arabesque ornaments. This dome is the only example of Mamluk Egyptian art outside of Egypt.