Sabil al-Wad

This Sabil is located on the eastern side of the Wad Street; to the west of Suq al-Qattanin Gate. The Sabil was established by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent on the 1st of Rajab 943 Hijri / the 14th of December 1536. The Sabil is an architectural unit composed of a rectangular bending in the wall, with a pointed arch above it.

At the bottom of the arch is a commemorative inscription with the numerous names of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his titles, in addition to the construction date. Below the inscriptions is a stone trough used to keep the water, which was used by passengers.

A water faucet was recently added to the Sabil, and the Israeli Authorities cleaned the Sabil despite the objection of the Awqaf Department since they were banned from renovating the Sabil.