Sabil Bab Al-Atm

The Sabil is located inside al-Aqsa Mosque area, on the northern side between Bab al-Atm and Qubbat Ushaq al-Nabi (Dome of the Prophet’s Lovers), around 15 meters away from Bab al-Atm. The Sabil was established by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the month of Shabaan in 943 Hijri / 1536 AD, who also renovated the adjacent mihrab (prayer niche) at the same time. Like all the other Sabils granted by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent to Jerusalem, this Sabil consists of a recessed niche wall, with arches that were decorated using different floral and geometric shapes. The center of the Sabil contains a circular stone decoration, underneath it is an inscription.

The lower part consists of the rectangular basin which held the water. The Sabil was recently renovated, and chairs for ablution were added. The Sabil is still operative.