Sabil Bab al-Magharibah (Dung Gate Fountain)

Sabil Bab al-Magharibah is located on the west-eastern side of al-Aqsa Mosque, 15 meters to the east of Bab al-Magharibah (Dung Gate). The Sabil dates back to the Ottoman era, it was established by the Judge Ahmad Afandi al-Kutahi (948-987 Hijri / 1541-1571 AD).

The Sabil consists of one chamber, structured in a square shape, and is covered by a shallow dome. In the eastern wall of the chamber is a door that leads to the inside of the chamber.

The center of the chamber contains a handle for a cistern. The remaining walls have open windows with water basins containing the water. The Sabil is still full of water, although the water is not put in the basins.