Sabil Mustafa Agha

The Sabil is located in the northwestern part of al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard, about 20 meters southwest of Bab al-Nazir. The Sabil was built by Mustafa Agha Parwana Zade, ruler of Jerusalem (Kaymakam) in the year 1153 Hijri / 1740-1741 AD.

The Sabil includes inscriptions of poetry verses that state the name of the founder and the reasons for the establishment.

The Sabil is built on a square base carrying four ornamented small columns, resting in turn on three arches opening to the north, west, and south.

The fourth, eastern side is a solid wall. The horseshoe arches support a small dome that has recently been covered with stone tiles. The Sabil is currently inoperative.